Dry All Reaches Out To Resellers

Dry All is recognizing and fulfilling the need of HVAC&R Line Components for global customers since 1990. With the advancement of technology, the expectation of customers requirement for service levels has increased multifold.
To deliver best in class experience, Dry All in 2018-19 started initiatives to strengthen Pan India wholesaler business network. We have appointment 10# Wholesalers and are now gearing up to strengthen them and their reseller network. With this Initiative, we have started displaying and creating awareness about the availability of a world-class full range of HVAC&R line products. Empowering our Business channel partners and educating our customers through our Display Materials is the prime objective of Dry All.

The market for HVAC&R is expected to exceed a value of over $6.3 Billion in India by 2020. This will boost the demand in the realm of HVAC&R due to the development of smart cities, improvement in Infrastructure, and change in the Climatic conditions. The growth in the market is tantamount to expand the aftersales market which covers medium and small OEM and also the after sales market. Infrastructure investments in Tier 2 & 3 will further boost the resellers economy.
Here we have already established our footprints to fulfill the need of our customers. We are continually working on the development and design of the following new products 

  • Filter Driers with Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye
  • Oil Separator with Demister Pad
  • Coaxial Heat Exchangers 
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers( BPHEs)

We have expertise in customizing the Line Products Like Filter Driers, Oil Separators, Accumulators, Receivers, etc. We are committed to providing the following services to our customer

  • High-Quality Products
  • On-time Delivery
  • Education on HVAC&R Line Products
  • Widest Range of Line Products

Our technical capabilities and increasing market opportunities will help us to organize the business network and will help our customer experience best customer service.

Dry All Introduces Next Generation Range of HVAC&R Line Products

Dry All has been perfecting the art of developing a full range
of HVAC&R line products since 1990. Now Dry All introduces
three more products with cutting-edge technology.

Looking back at the 1990s, Dry All’s range of HVAC&R line
products i.e. Filter Driers, Receivers, Oil Separators,
Accumulators was a humble beginning to its quest for
excellence. Over the years, HVAC&R technology and customers’
needs have gone through a big change. This continues to
challenge the company to upgrade the products and technologies
they offer.
The Engineers at Dry All acknowledged the need of consumers
and developed new products designed to detect leaks, provide
highly efficient oil separation and highly efficient thermal exchange
design in HVAC&R System. The year 2019 saw the introduction
of following new products from Dry All:
 Filter Driers with Fluorescent Dye
 Oil Separators with Demister Pad
 Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Filter Drier with Fluorescent Dye
‘Dry All’ is a leading manufacturer of Filter Driers in India. The
nuanced understanding about HVAC&R system has helped the
company to engineer new Filter Drier that will not only provide
filtration, adsorb moisture and acid but will also help to detect the exact source of a leak in a HVCA&R system.
Tracer Wafer (TW) (manufactured by Spectroline – USA)
charged with a fluorescent dye is placed along with the desiccant.
When the system starts and the TW comes in contact with
refrigerant and oil, the dye in wafer is released and circulates with
the refrigerant. In case of a leak, dye escapes leaving a mark at
the point of the leak. The exact point of a leak is easily visible
under a UV light through yellow glasses. This dye is compatible
with all refrigerants and oil. The dye has also been approved by all
leading compressor and component manufacturers.

Oil Separator with Demister Pad
The role of oil separator is to separate oil from refrigerant in
the discharge line and maintain oil level in the compressor to
prevent system breakdown. This eventually increases the life of
the compressor. The efficiency of conventional oil separator is
approximately 75 per cent and with the introduction of demister
pad, the efficiency of oil separators with demister pad can go up
to 99 per cent.
‘Dry All’ high-efficiency UL certified ‘Oil Separators with
Demister Pad’ is specially designed with SS Wire Mesh. Demister
Pad is capable of capturing even smallest oil molecules and
separate it from refrigerant. These separated oil molecules collide
and forms larger drops. Due to gravity, these larger heavier oil
drops fall at the bottom of the oil separator vessel. Float ball
mechanism helps the oil return to compressor crankcase through
oil return port.
These oil separators minimise the noise and pulsation at the
discharge side. This has a very wide application in VRF systems.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
‘Dry All’ introduced Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) in
collaboration with ‘Kaori’. BPHEs can be used both on evaporator
and condenser side in chiller and heat pump respectively. BPHEs
are designed to offer the following advantages:
 Highly efficient thermal design – high performance
 More efficient use of materials – cost effective
 Mass reduction in size–compact, less space, less weight
 Proven and reliable quality – long lifetime durability
These are the trailblazer in the realm of the HVAC&R industry.

Dry All International Technical Seminar

TODAY “Dry All” has established a global presence because of its world-class product quality. To bestow first-hand in-depth knowledge of its world-class Full Range Of HVAC&R Line Products, “Dry All” has orchestrated series of “Technical Seminars” in India and overseas. In November 2017 Team “Dry All” has commenced with its first “International Technical Seminar”. The bedrock principle of our International Technical Seminar is the knowledge we entrust to our customers about our Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products.

On 28th November 2018, Dry All in collaboration with our Business Partner “Beijer B.Grimm” conducted its first “International Technical Seminar”  at “Maple Hotel”, Bangkok. The session was kicked off by Mr. Nirun (Director, Beijer B.Grimm ). He gave a detailed presentation about their Company Beijer B. Grimm. This was followed by Dry All Company Presentation, Manufacturing Excellence, Product Technology by Mr. Vikash Sekhani, Mr. Akash Sekhani and Sumit Tripathi respectively. These sessions were followed by Dinner. 

During the seminar, Dry All also demonstrated its new solution “Filter Driers with Tracer Wafer” for HVAC&R systems. Dry All deciphered the technology behind its products as it firmly believes in creating awareness and diffusing the knowledge on Full Range Of HVAC&R line products. Customers’ response was truly ecstatic.

This Technical Seminar was attended by 74# customers.

Sustainability of Dry All brand building is vital for Dry All to enhance our global presence. Its endeavour to give solutions to customers has been well appreciated by customers worldwide. It gives us enough motivation to conduct such knowledge sessions in other parts of the world    

Dry All ’s first successful Technical Seminar at the Global Platform is a small step towards its vision. Thanks to “Beijer B.GRIMM” for their support and encouragement to make this programme a huge success.

Thank You!

Sumit Tripathi

International Road Show

“Dry All” mission is to provide Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products of International standards through its research & development initiatives & create value for its customers. In order to accomplish this mission, it is vital to expanding Dry All global footprint. Dry All exports have been consistently growing for the last 10 years.  In order to embark its Brand Building on global platform Team Dry, All locomoted its journey through Thailand.

On 28th November 2018, Dry All in collaboration with its wholesaler/distributor Beijer B.Grimm conducted a Road Show at “Maple Hotel”, Bangkok. “International Road Shows” are a platform to give a detailed introduction of Dry All and its products to its current and future prospective customers. This platform also helps to provide customized solutions for their HVAC&R system.  It is an event comprising of one to one meeting with such key customers. There was an overwhelming response from these customers. During this Road Show, representative of Dry All and Beijer B.Grimm met existing and prospective customers one to one. This was followed by indoor gulf and refreshments.

This one to one interaction started with “Dry All Company and Product 2018” presentation followed by Manufacturing Excellence & Product Technology and then live display of products. These sessions conclude with Q&A’s session.  This Road Show was attended by 18# customers.

DryAll expects to double its business in the region, given the tremendous success of this Road Show.

A big thank you to our partner “Beijer B.Grimm” for organizing this so well and all the attendees for making this programme a big success.

Sumit Tripathi
Engineer – Marketing

Road Show & Technical Seminar

Since its inception in 1990 Dry All has taken pride in developing cutting edge technological world-class products for HVAC&R Industry and finally developing ‘Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products’. Since last 5 years, Dry All is growing at a CAGR of 15-18%. To scale up its growth, we continue to look at platforms to educate and have face to face interaction with our customers. With this in mind, we have started conducting “Road Show and Technical Seminar” in your city. I will take you through this journey that transformed our wholesalers from a ‘Trading Outfit’ to our ‘Brand Promoters’.

In March 2018, Team Dry All started the initiative to strengthen the Pan India Dry All wholesaler network. As one of the initiatives to start the brand building process we decided to have ‘Road Shows’ and ‘Technical Seminars’ in major cities of India and this Iteration started from Kolkata.

Road Show & Technical Session, June 12th,2018 In Kolkata 

On June 12th, 2018, we started with our first Road Show and Technical Session in Kolkata at Hotel “The Lalit Great Eastern”. We were overwhelmed by the response from customers despite heavy rain on that day.

The morning started with ‘Road Show’ where we invited our customer to visit us at the hotel for a table meeting and to take them through our showcased products at the venue. In a day a total of 17# customers visited us and learned about our Innovative solution for the HVAC&R Industry. 

One the same day in the evening we had the Technical Seminar at the same venue.  

The session started with an announcement of our Authorized wholesaler “Prakash Refrigeration Company” in Kolkata. The session comprised of our company presentation, factory overview, and product technology by our Directors Mr. Vikash Sekhani, Mr. Akash Sekhani, and myself respectively.

And the day ended with a cosy dinner organized by us for our customers.

This was attended by 78# customers.

Technical Seminar, Nov 23th,2018, In Ahmedabad

After experiencing success in Kolkata, Team Dry All decided to have the next Technical Seminar in the historical city of Ahmedabad. The anecdotes about “Technical Session” held at Radisson Blu in Ahmedabad is similar to Kolkata.  Session embarked by Introduction of our wholesaler “Umiya Enterprise” in Gujarat followed by Company and Product Technology Presentation. In the evening we were thrilled to receive a colossal response from customers. The session ended with a question and answer session over dinner.

This Technical Seminar was attended by 71# customers.

These two successful events have set the pace for our accelerated growth. It would not have been possible without the support of our wholesaler partners. We are determined to keep going. Soon we will come up with new anecdotes from your city.

Stay Tuned!

Sumit Tripathi
Engineer – Marketing

“Best PPEP” Award From Schneider Electric

‘Dry All’ has been awarded BEST PPEP award for quality from Schneider Electric at the “Vendor Meet 2018”.

PPEP is a tool designed by Schneider Electric to conform to their stringent Global quality standards. ‘Dry All’ has always exceeded stringent process controls & world class quality standards and this helped us to meet their PPEP standards. The cornerstone of this successful business relationship with Schneider started in the year 2014-15 with Team Schneider Electric approaching ‘Dry All’ to give Solution for one technical glitch arising in their Data-Centric Machines. Team ‘Dry All’ in collaboration with one of the eminent compressor manufacturer identified that the system was lacking an Oil Separator. To resolve this problem the technical team from ‘Dry All’ suggested a retrofitting solution to Schneider Electric by providing them a correct size Oil Separator suitable for the particular machine and application. The success of this project acted like a big confidence booster in ‘Dry All’ business relationship with Schneider Electric.

In May 2016, ‘Dry All’  received an inquiry from Schneider Electric for their new project of Data Centric Machines. Team ‘Dry All’ was invited to give a presentation to Schneider Electric Team in China. Team ‘Dry All’ specifically flew to Shanghai for this presentation. Before this presentation, Team Schneider was under impression that ‘Dry All’ manufactures only Oil Separators. ‘Dry All’ took this opportunity to let team Schnider know that it is not just Oil Separator but ‘Dry All’ manufactures world class ‘Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products’.

This visit by team ‘Dry All’ was followed by an audit by team Schneider at our manufacturing facility at Dombivali MIDC and they were impressed with the Engineering & Manufacturing capabilities of ‘Dry All’.
A sample consignment was shipped to Schneider Electric – China and this was processed and approved by them in 2016. Now getting a UL certification for ‘Dry All’ Oil Separator was the final milestone required to become an accredited supplier to Schneider Electric. After Stringent testing under the aegis of UL in accordance with UL207 Standards, ‘Dry All’ received  UL certificate in May 2017 (File No. SA44851).
Our efforts were concluded with receipt of a first purchase order from Schnieder Electric – India on November, 23rd 2018. Our journey has proved and I quote “Success path rarely travels a straight line”.

‘Dry All’ product quality and service was appreciated by Schneider Electric in October 2018 by awarding us “Best PPEP Award” in presence of their approximately 21 vendors. Today ‘Dry All’ has a yearly business of Rupee 4 Million with Schneider Electric. With time and trust, this business relationship with Schneider is amplifying.
Big Thank You to Team Schneider Electric for this Recognition!

Sumit Tripathi
Engineer – Marketing