Recruitment of Freelance Sales Representatives

‘Dry All’, a brand owned by SAFE A&T Technology Private Limited, Mumbai, India is a pioneer in Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry (HVAC&R) with a global footprint across continents. ‘Dry All’ brand products ranging from widest range of Filer Driers, Accumulators, Oil Separators, Receivers, Cores, & Core Shells are widely used by OEMs. We have dedicated wholesalers and we also private label for few of the leading brands.

‘Dry All’ established in 1991 has since grown into a $3.75M business (2017-18 Sales), has 28,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, employee strength of 100+, has in housing Product Development capabilities and has UL approval for select products. Please visit our website

To expand its international sales, ‘Dry All’ is looking for experienced, well-networked, technically competent HVAC&R professionals across the world as its Freelance Sales Representatives (FLSR) for un-represented areas.

Role of FLSR broadly shall be to set up customer base in the region including appointing distributors, getting OEM qualification, collecting orders & payments in close coordination with Dry All team. FLSR is not expected to invest in the products. Expenses relating to travel, communication and any other out of pocket expenses are expected to be borne by the FLSR. ‘Dry All’ will pass on commission to FLSR at a pre-agreed rate once the payment for a particular order is received.

‘Dry All’ has no objection in case FLSR is already dealing with other products, however FLSR should not be dealing with any competing products that ‘Dry All’ is dealing into.
FLSR should be a permanent resident of the country that he is currently based at. We do not have a very tight guidelines on territory each FLSR should cover, however once we finalize a FLSR, it will be exclusive territory for each FSLR.
We solicit enquiries from interested candidates with adequate information backing their candidature. Selection process shall start with a conference call and then a face-to-face meeting either in Mumbai or in the prospective FSLR location.

We will provide extensive training on products to selected FSLRs before they go to meet customers.

Look forward to hearing from you

SAFE A&T Technologies Private Limited D4 MIDC,
Phase II, Dombivali (East),
Dist. Thane – 421201, Maharashtra, India
Mob: +91 7400069710


Dry All Sets Up Full Range Of HVAC&R Line Products Partners Across India

Dry All has taken a major initiative in revamping its distribution network in last 2 months with an objective to serve its SSI OEMs/ contractors better, offer ex stock availability, enhanced technical service and build its brand. This exercise was an outcome of an extensive market research it carried by a professional research agency
Until now, Dry All was distributing its products through its associate company Safe Refrigeration Private Limited, who had done an excellent job in seeding its products across India. Leadership teams of both the companies agreed that it was time to bring about this change in the way Dry All products are distributed to take its business to next level.

As a part of this initiative,

Dry All is appointing dedicated wholesalers with an assigned served territory. All inquiries and orders shall be routed through the authorized wholesaler.

Dry All will have an updated and vibrant website with wholesaler name and contact details uploaded on it. The website also has a live chat feature where our sales engineers can answer all technical queries that our customers may have.

A dedicated Toll-Free Customer Care Number 1800 123 1884 is available for quick access during all business hour.
Dry All is providing Point of Sales Material, Product Display Gallery, Product Cut Outs, Posters, Danglers etc. for display at Wholesaler & Retailers showrooms.

Dry All has undertaken a massive brand building program by being more visible on social media platform, writing technical papers / blogs, participating in industry programs and exhibitions.

Dry All Sales Engineers will regularly visit customers in respective territories of wholesalers to promote business.

Dry All will conduct Road shows and technical sessions across India to develop a direct contact with customers and promote wholesaler’s business. One such program conducted in June 2018 at Kolkata received very encouraging response from all its stakeholders.

Dry All wholesalers have agreed to keep Inventories for complete range of products, provide dedicated resource for marketing and sales of Dry All products, participate with Dry All in trade exhibitions and organizes technical seminars and ensure that their technical staff is trained at Dry All ‘Gurukul’ minimum once every year.

Such wholesaler installation has already been done successfully in Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad. Dry All has already started seeing lot many inquiries and orders from its wholesalers. Dry All plans to have 15-18 such wholesalers across India.

This initiative has been ably supported by Deepak Takkar a well know HVAC&R professional.

Dry All is well known for its quality, locally engineered and manufactured range of HVAC&R line products. These products are qualified and widely used by OEMs in India and worldwide.

SAFE A &T Technology Private Limited, (company owning Dry All brand) is a professionally managed company, has 25+ years of expertise in designing & manufacturing HAVC&R Line Products. Few key products in its portfolio are Filter Driers, Accumulators, Oil Separators, Receivers, Co-Axial Heat Exchangers, Roto-lock valves etc. Dry All has been successfully serving equipment manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors across globe.

Customer Collaboration: Case Study “Bosch Limited”

Exceeding customers expectations on understanding their specific product needs, quality requirement, lead time & customization, has been at the core of Dry All at all the times. We take immense pride in saying that this has been the foremost reason for our success and growth since our inception.
Dry All is leading manufacturer and exporter of HVAC&R Line products since 1990. In addition to off-the-shelf products like Filter Driers, Accumulators, Receivers, Oil Separators, Sight Glass, Ball Valves etc. Dry All has customized and designed products to meet customer specific requirement. These requirements from customers range from smallest packing change to developing a completely new product, not existing in our product range.
The best example of above statement and Dry All ability to communicate with its customers has been winning applications at Bosch.
Bosch approached Dry All to develop liquefier assembly for their refrigerant recovery machine. This Liquefier Assembly has two vessels fitted together with one of the vessels having a shell in shell and heat exchanger assembly coil running through. Dry All engineers initial response was that this product is completely outside the scope of products it served, besides the complexity the Bosch product had.
Bosch, however, was keen on Dry All developing this product and had full confidence in Dry All capabilities in doing it. Next day, Bosch team was at Dry All facility and started micro managing the product development through all stages. In 60 days of persistent efforts, jointly by Bosch and Dry All team, the product was ready. This is one of the best examples of collaborative efforts between Dry All and its key customer on joint product development that is fondly and proudly remembered.

Effectively communicating value proposition has helped Dry All to sell its products across the continents and into most challenging and competitive markets.
Dry All teams ability to communicate and approach new customers helped them to get Large Private labeling accounts with large US multinational companies in India USA & Canada
Dry All has successfully developed OEMs & Wholesale customers in Asia, North America, USA, Europe, Middle-East & Africa, essentially due to understanding country/ customer specific needs, different quality standards specific to each country, cultures and way of doing business.
To site an example, Dry All instruction sheet for brazing joints and flare fittings is available in 12 different languages.
Product catalogs and marketing material have been designed & developed in different vernacular Indian languages and select foreign language.
Soon Dry All website will be available in Spanish, Thai & French languages.
Dry All participates in different HVAC&R trade shows world wide that include AHR in USA, CMPX in Canada, Chillventa in Germany, ACREX in India, BKK HVAC in Thailand, China Refrigeration in China. This helps Dry All to stay in close contact with its current customers and opportunity to meet potential customers across the Globe.
Dry All has very active presence on Social Media and stays connected with its customer on various platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.
In its continuous endeavor to remain in contact with its customers, Dry All, customer can reach us at our customer care number: 1800 123 1884
Dry All website has Live Chat Facility on the website which is attended by qualified engineers during business hours (9:30 AM -6:00 PM) on all working days.
Dry All stays committed to its customers in providing best in class products & services to achieve highest level of customer satisfcation.

-Mr. Vikash Sekhani

(Director, Dry All)

Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency

Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency are hall mark of all manufactured engineering products and this also stands true for components of HVAC&R industry. The achivement of any product to stand on these three strong foundation pillars are a result of good engineering practice, tecnhology and precautions taken during the manufacturing process.
Good Engineering practice leads to reliability. Latest technology leads to value engineering & repetability. Precautions taken ensures consistency. ‘Dry All’ takes care of all these aspects of manufacturing during the stages of Product development, Manufacturing and Quality Control.
We are pleased to share our manufacturing process as detailed below:

Design Capabilities:

  • All products are designed to be used with high pressure refrigerants.
  • Vessels below 6” diameter are designed as per UL 207.
  • Vessel of 8” Dia and above are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div. 1.
  • An experienced design team, helps in customizing the product as per requirement.
  • Designing capability of Poka Yoke fixtures for manufacturing.
  • In-house laboratory to check performance and design validation of products.

Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Poka yoke in fixtures to ensure mistake proofing in process.
  • Oxygen free controlled atmosphere in furnace brazing for copper and steel connections to avoid oxidisation and ROHS compliant brazing resulting in oxidisation free strong joints.
  • MIG welding to ensure strong hermetic joints.
  • Leak testing – First after welding and second after powder coating for leak free products.
  • Shot blasting process to ensure better powder coating using environment friendly methods.
  • Uniform Powder coating can withstand 500 Hrs of salt spray test as per ATM B-117.
  • A highly automized manufacturing process to achieve high quality and high productivity.

Quality Assurance:

  • Incoming inspection: All BOP (Bought Out Parts) are tested as per plan. Incoming inspection procedure is bonded by ‘Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015’.
  • In-Process Quality Control: Separate drawings are created for each station like brazing, welding, assembly and tacking.
  • With Poka Yoke in process and skilled operators no defective material passes through the process.
  • Product validation, Process validation, Safety training, and internal audits are incorporated for quality assurance.
  • “Good Engineering Practices” like the use of calibrated instruments, visual and dimensional inspection, work station SOP, display of process defects like welding and brazing defects, training of operator form time to time ‘Dry All’ achieves quality assurance.
  • After process quality system: All finished goods follow ‘First In First Out’ process. All ‘Dry All’ products are charged with nitrogen positive pressure so that moisture can not enter the component, this helps to keep the component free from oxidization during the brazing process.
  • Product Name Plate has complete details about the product including batch number from which products can be traced with ease. This system can help track specific details about the product including the date of manufacturing, operator name etc.

‘Dry All’ has its own complaint handling procedure to support customers in case of any issue / complaint.

The principal of Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency has helped ‘Dry All’ products to be accepted and used by all leading OEMs and customers across the globe.
Mr. Suraj Sabu
(Application Engineer, Dry All)