ASMI Inviting Partners for Sheet Metal Parts

Ankit Shiny Mechanical India Private Limited (ASMI) based at Ahmedabad is an ISO 9000-2015 & RoHS compliant manufacturing unit and is an integral part of SAFE Group

It is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes, high quality, cost-effective precision sheet metal components successfully catering to HVAC&R compressor manufacturers, automobile & ball bearing Industry. Since its inception in 2014, it has been a lead supplier partner to ‘Highly’ and won many accolades for high quality & on-time delivery 

ASMI has in house facility for Deep Draw, Embossing, Stamping, Punching, Degreasing, Cleaning, Auto Brazing & Welding. 

To boost process productivity, ASMI has installed a dedicated High-Speed Sheet Metal Line, Automated Brazing, New Technology Cleaning, Projection Welding & Fusion Welding.

As we expand our capacities at ASMI, we are ideally positioned to serve additional Sheet Metal Component requirements from new customers.

We take this opportunity to invite manufacturers from the industry, looking for new component supplier or at outsourcing their sheet metal parts to evaluate ASMI as an option. We will be glad to walk through our facility to interested parties

ASMI has following Quality Benchmarks  :

• Policy of “Customer first”, “Quality First” & “Zero Defects”.

• 48 ppm (5 sigma level) for all components.

• Six sigma level for customers

•  On-Time Delivery, JIT-DI, Plant Target on -PQCDSME,  Customer Target on QCDD, Lean Manufacturing, 5S, 8D Process, Poka Yoka,

•   In House Test laboratories  

Esteemed Customers Being Served On  on JIT Basis:

Highly India Electrical Appliances Company Limited, Gujarat.

Parts: Upper Covers, Lower Covers, Case Blanks & Accumulators for Rotary Compressors.

SKH-YTEC (1ST Tier Vendor to SMGPL), Gujarat.

Parts: Various Sheet Metal Parts for Baleno & Dzire Models for Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited

For any further details, please contact Ms. Sonal – SAFE A&T Technology Private Limited, E-mail:, Cell +91 8181 994 994

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Dry All-ONDA Introduced Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in India

Dry All- Manufactuer of Full range of HVAC&R Line Products has partnered with ONDA, the leading company of Heat Exchangers partnered to bring in their best in class Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

Co-branded as Dry All-ONDA, the shell and tube heat exchangers inventories will be readily available with Dry All for customers in Indian Subcontinent.

(In the picture Mr. Alain Bouzat (Right), General Manager -ONDA France, Mr. Chetan Tavare(Left), Head of technology- Dry All and Mr. Akash Sekhani (Left), Director- Dry All )

Mr. Alain Bouzat visited Dry All factory on 02nd Oct 2019. During his visit he further shared detailed information on ONDA Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers technology with Dry All Engineers.

Dry All – ONDA Heat Exchangers are best in a class Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. The Heat Exchangers designed by Italian Engineers and supported by Dry All Engineers in India is ready to cater to the needs of the HVAC&R Industry. These are widest used heat exchanger types in different Industries. They offer the following key benefits to its customers.

Key Benefits

Shell and Tube Evaporator:

1.     Capacity Range: 2.5 TR to 850 TR

2.     Compatible with all current Refrigerants like HFCs, HCFCs

3.     Welded feet

4.     Different raw materials available (Copper, CuNi, SS, Carbon Steel, Titanium)

5.     Carbon steel or plastic baffles

6.     CE Approved

Shell and Tube Condenser:

1.     Capacity Range: 2TR to 2 MW

2.     Compatible with Refrigerants like HFCs, HCFCs

3.     Special coating for headers and tube sheets

4.     Rubber or asbestos-free gaskets

5.     Shell and Tube Condensers can be connected both for tower and city tower

6.     CE Approved

These Heat Exchanger comes in various configurations and types are used in variety of applications.

Key Applications:

1.     Marine Application

2.     HVAC&R

3.     Chillers

4.     Heat Recovery

5.     Pharmaceuticals

6.     Cascade heat Exchanger in Multistage Refrigeration system

Dry All with its 30 years of experience, competent and trained team of engineers will provide all technical support and assistance to customers which include producers and installers in HVAC&R Equipment’s in India.

For more information please contact us on

Coimbatore: Key Customers Visit & Technical Session

Key Customers visit & Technical session  jointly organized by Dry All  &  SafeRef  held at Hotel Taj Vivanta,  Coimbatore  on 14th September 2019 was an outstanding success

Key Customers Visit

Morning sessions  started with interactive one on one session  with exclusive OEM Customers. We had the pleasure of having Mr Manoharan, Managing Director Gem Equipment Limited , gracing the occasion, amongst the key customers. He showed keen interest in the range of products displayed at product galary and gave some extremely valuable suggestions. Despite being a working day, we had 10# exclusive customers visiting during the Key customers visits session

Technical Session

In evening Dry All and SafeRef have inaugurated “Technical Session” for OEMs, Engineers, Technicians, Traders from HVAC&R fraternity.

Session was opened by Mr. Sudarsanam (Branch Manager, Chennai) followed by  Mr. Deepak Takkar delivering the key note address

Mr. Vikash Sekhani (Director-Sales & Marketing, Dry All)  spoke on  “Dry All: Key Innovative and cutting-edge Technologies”.

There was overwhelming interest from audience on  Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technologies that included Animated video.

Mr. Akash Sekhani (Director- Operations, Dry All)  very passionately covered “Dry All Manufacturing Excellence”.  He spoke  about the best in class technologies used by Dry All to manufacture the world-class products in the state of art manufacturing facility, Dombivali near Mumbai, India. He also  presented  Research & Development capabilities at Dry All.   Mr. Vikash Sekhani continued the session covering Marketing Initiative including  Blogs, Social Media Presence,  Training Sessions, trade shows, etc.

Mr. Sandeep Sekhani (Director, SafeRef) presented Safe Refrigeration  business initiatives, product range and service offerings. His sessions started with  introduction of SafeRef ,  International HVAC&R brands : Harris, HUYAI, tru+  that Saferef is a principal distributor of. Mr. Sandeep Sekhani  presented a range  of solutions including  brazing alloys, Gas Equipment, Compressors backing with world-class technology and support. He used this opportunity to educate  audience on “How to choose Brazing Alloy”, spoke about in-house brand tru+ and  wide range of products under tru+ umbrella & “Commercial Ref Rotary Compressors”. This was followed by  marketing initiatives,  training sessions, blogs and customers accolades that Safe Ref has received over last few years.

“Technical Session”  was concluded by Vote of Thanks by Mr. Ganapathy.

After session customers were keen to visit the showcase area  exhibiting  latest products.

Technical Session was attended by more than  60# Customers.

During September, 2019, Dry All and SafeRef jointly conducted “Road Show & Curtain Raiser” at Hyderabad followed by  “Key Customers Visit & Technical Session ” at Coimbatore. These events received  overwhelming response from customers. We believe this journey has just begun and we have miles to go.

Dry All & SafeRef would jointly like to thank its customer for making these events a grand success.

Road Show & Curtain Raiser at Hyderabad

After series of successful events in India & worldwide, Dry All and SafeRef  jointly conducted “Road Show” & “Curtain Raiser” programs in the historical city of Hyderabad for customers from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The programs were held at Hotel Taj Vivanta, on September 6th, 2019.  

Road Show

The day started with an exclusive one on one interactive “Road Show” with select OEM customers. These customers were specially invited for this road show and an exclusive time slot was reserved for each one of them.

During the interactive session Dry All team demonstrated the key innovative and breakthrough technologies like Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology, Oil Separators with Demister Pad, Centrifugal Oil Separators, Widest Range of Receivers, Receiver, Different types of Heat Exchangers etc.

SafeRef team demonstrated cutting edge technologies including  Harris Gas Equipments & Harris Brazing Alloys ,  Huayi Trucool Compressors and complete range of tru+ goods which includes Axial Fans, Vacuum Pumps, Shaded Pole Motors, etc.

This Road Show was attended by #12 customers

Curtain Raiser

The evening was inaugurated with the event “Curtain Raiser”. This event was designed to offer the latest insights and Innovations from Dry All & SafeRef. After opening address from Mr. Deepak Takkar, the session was kickstarted  by  Mr. Prakkash Sekhani, (Managing Director, SAFE Group). He took the audience through SAFE Groups’ rich legacy and excellence. 

This session was followed up by two more speakers Mr. Vikash Sekhani ( Director,  Dry All) who gave insights on “Dry All”: Key Innovations, Cutting Edge Technologies, Manufacturing Excellence, Global Network & Mr. Sandeep Sekhani (Director, SafeRef) presented “SafeRef”:  Mission & Vision,  Innovative Products offerings, Distribution & Channel Network

Customers showed keen interest at the showcase area of Dry All & SafeRef where the latest products from the respective companies were displayed.

The evening ended with one to one interaction over dinner. “Curtain Raiser” was attended by #70  customers.

Dry All & SafeRef would like to thank everyone for coming to the event and making it a grand success.

The journey has just taken a few more steps. Soon we will come with new events in your city.

Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range Of Suction Line Accumulators (Part II)

In continuation to our earlier message, titled “Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range of Suction Line Accumulators” here comes the newest member of Dry All product Family “Suction Line Heat Exchanger Accumulator”.

Dry All is the leading brand in India to manufacture ‘Accumulators with Heat Exchangers’. These accumulators are uniquely designed to increase the efficiency of HVAC&R system. These Accumulator with Heat Exchangers are recommended to be used when accumulators are positioned outside in low ambient condition or installed in Low Temperature System.

Dry All Suction Line Accumulators with Heat Exchangers (ACCHX):

Dry All Offers Accumulators with Heat Exchanger. These HX Type Accumulators uses latent heat of the condenser to boil off the excess liquid refrigerant that is present in Accumulator outlet tube. This guarantees 100% Vapour refrigerant to the compressor and hence increasing the system efficiency.

Key Applications of ACCHX: 

  • Very low temperature application such as Liquid Cooler, Low-Temperature Display Cabinet, Fruit Storage etc. 
  • For Applications with very Low Superheat is available at Compressor inlet such as Transport Refrigeration. 
  • Flooded Evaporator System 

Dry All Research and Development Laboratory is well equipped with the latest equipment for testing the performance, quality and safety of products manufactured.

Following in-house tests are performed on Accumulators:

  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Pressure Step Down Test
  • Internal Contamination Test
  • Salt Spray Test

Dry All products are designed to offer & intended to deliver reliability, repetitiveness and consistency. We guarantee that our customers have the finest solution for the HVAC&R system at every step forward. 

Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range Of Suction Line Accumulators

Innovative product ‘Development, Design and Engineering’ of HVAC&R Line products have always been the hallmark of Dry All success. With the Introduction of new refrigerants, it is utmost important to design the system components that offer superior quality, Performance and sustainability to the HVAC&R systems. Compressors the heart of HVAC&R systems is designed to compress the vapor refrigerant. It is paramount to protect this from sudden surges of Liquid refrigerant and oil that can create extreme stress on the compressor. Here lies Dry All Suction Line Accumulators’ critical role.

Dry All Suction Line Accumulator (ACC):

Introducing a new and currently the largest size 3-1/8” Suction Line Accumulator in Dry All product range. Accumulators are designed to avoid liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor and to ensure that refrigerant is transferred to the compressor only in vapour form. Accumulator has to be fitted before and as close as possible to the compressor.

For over than two decades, Dry All Accumulators have earned the trust of many prominent OEMs, contractors & installers and has been a lifesaver for the compressors.

Unique Construction Design

  • Flared Outlet U Tube: Ensures Easy Flow of Refrigerant Back to Compressor.
  • Optimum U Bend Diameter: Ensures minimum Pressure Drop.
  • Flexibility of Mounting Either by Flange or Bolt

Safety and Certification:

Accumulators are designed keeping in mind the MWP requirements based on the system design. Dry All has Designed accumulators that can sustain the MWP pressure up to 450PSIG keeping in mind all the new high-pressure refrigerants. Dry All’s latest complete range of Accumulators are UL Certified. UL is the Global Safety Certification. This assures Accumulators can withstand pressures of Five Times the MWP.

Dry All continues to produce accumulators that provide years of trouble-free results

Stay Tuned to Know more about our widest Range of Accumulators!