‘Dry All’ Liquid Refrigerant Receivers

From the experts in HVAC&R Line Product Technology


Dry All is the leading manufacturer of Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products. Dry All is constantly innovating, developing and designing products to meet the requirements of the industry. Since its inception, Dry All stakeholders including the owners, design and R&D team have always emphasized on producing the latest technology products at competitive prices.

A liquid Refrigerant Receiver is a pressure vessel designed to hold liquid refrigerant in a refrigeration system. It collects the condensed liquid refrigerant leaving from the condenser outlet and feeds it in liquid form to the liquid line of the refrigeration system. Dry All offers widest range of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers.  

Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers

Liquid Line Receiver’s internal volume allows it to store liquid refrigerant and hence allow the refrigeration system to respond to varying heat loads by varying the refrigerant flow rate. For this a thermostatic expansion valve is used in combination with a receiver. It also ensures that only liquid refrigerant is fed to the liquid line of the refrigeration system.

If sized correctly, the liquid refrigerant receiver can also be used for pump down repair of the refrigeration system, storing the liquid refrigerant in the receiver provided. Provision of liquid refrigerant receivers is always desired to allow a system to be serviced or repaired with ease and without losing the refrigerant.

Considering growing demand of receivers with the growth of HVAC&R market, Dry All has introduced 4 type of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers:

1.      LRRH Series – These 3-piece, 2 weld design receivers are Horizontal Receivers designed for air-conditioning and refrigeration units that are designed horizontally.

2.      LRRV Series – These 3-piece, 2 weld design receivers are Vertical Receivers designed for refrigeration units that are designed vertically.

3.      LRRVD Series – These 2-piece, 1 weld design receivers are Vertical Receivers designed for refrigeration units that are designed vertically.

4.      Customized model – These are receivers designed specifically as per customer’s designs along with input from Dry All design team.

In terms of features and design, Dry All products are always ranked highest in the category.

Some Key features of Dry All receivers are:

  • Offering Widest Range of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers: Horizontal, Vertical & Deep Draw Type
  • Widest Capacity Range: 1 Liter to 60 Liters.
  • The inlet and outlet connections are either of the two: Copper for brazing or Steel ORFS Male thread for Roto-Lock valves.
    • Advanced Options:
    • Roto-Lock Valves: Convenient service access & Ease of service
    • Fusible Plug: Enhances the Safety
  • Dry All Receivers internal cleanliness & dryness is as per DIN standard 8964 making it compatible with relevant new refrigerants &lubricants
  • Dry All Receivers are powder coated with corrosion resistant paint to withstand 500+ Hours of salt spray paint.

Dry All Liquid Refrigerant receiver’s technical specifications:

  •  Maximum working pressure = 450 psig (31.02 bar) & 600 psig (41.37 bar)
  • Design temperature =  -10°C to 110°C (14°F to 230°F)
  • Compatible with HFC’s and HCFC’s and their associated oils.
  • Designed to achieve maximum refrigerant flow rate with minimum pressure drop.
  • Receivers with NPT connection are available on request.
  • Receivers with sight glass are available on request.


As per ARI standard 495, storage capacity of the receiver is based on 80 percent of its internal volume of any specified refrigerant assuming the saturated liquid refrigerant density at temperature of 32oC (89.6oF). A receiver is primarily selected to hold 90 percent of the total system charge to provide adequate reservoir during high loads and to allow the refrigerant to be isolated between the condenser and the receiver during pump down of the system. Generally other parameters which include maximum working pressure, refrigerant compatibility, etc. are also considered while selecting the receiver.

Reach Us At

Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers are available direct to our OEM customers and through our Wholesalers, Dealers across India & worldwide

For more details please visit our website http://www.dryall.net  

You can also contact us on info@dryall.net


The content in this presentation has been prepared by Dry All and is general information about HVAC&R line products. This information is given in summary form and does not purport to be complete. The information provided is for education purpose only. Before acting on any information you should consult or take the advice of Dry All Engineers. 

Indian HVAC&R Industry in Corona Virus Crisis

Converting Challenges into Opportunity

While the world goes through this crisis collectively, I wonder in my ubiquitous thoughts if this is really a crisis or a boon in disguise.

Can one really guess what the future holds after all this gets over and we get back to so-called normal life? Would the normal life be as fast-paced, busy, crowded as before or we have learnt our lessons and ‘Social Distancing’ will be the way of life?

As Indians, would we take up ‘Namaste’ and ‘Pranam’ as the way of greeting instead of handshake and hugs? Will we start standing in the queue with a decent gap? Will we have a small gathering at weddings and religious functions? Would our cities be cleaner? Would our cities learn from the examples of Surat (1994) and Thane (1998) and follow the same path of rebuilding amazing cities out of trash? Will the politicians rise above the game of playing the excluding politics of appeasing only to the minority and poor and totally ignoring the rules of the game? Or maybe we will get back to the organised chaos that we had in India before Covid19 happened to us. I am sure no expert will be able to predict this and it will continue to be a game of guesses and opinions.

But things will surely change and so will our HVAC&R Industry. For all of us, so-called the summer season of 2020 for domestic Air-conditioners is lost. These sales cannot be replaced as India’s weather condition has a marked summer and this definitely sees a spike in sales in the month of April & May. With the lockdown throughout April and now extended till 03rd May, we have already lost the business of April 2020. We still have the peak hot month of May in hand to probably cover some of the sales. Even though sales may happen but installation may be a challenge as the workers involved in installation may have moved to their home towns and villages by this time. Another challenge in this segment could be the availability of funds with the middle-class who constitutes to be a major buyer for home air-conditioners. To this segment of customers, purchasing of air-conditioners is still considered a luxury but a necessity.

On the commercial front things may take a positive turn. Infrastructure development will take place and this will boost up the HVAC&R Industry. With the losses suffered in the stock market, people will look into new areas of investment and that would probably be real estate. This will further boost up the economy. The slum pockets are the most challenging and difficult areas to control diseases like Corona. Probably Government will now realise how important it is to remove slums ( only 1 bathroom for 140 people) and offer proper housing to people where hygiene can be taken care of.

In this development phase Hospital and Medical facilities would also be an important part of this infrastructure development. All these would require ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration. There is no choice for India but to improve this infrastructure to support the medical needs of its citizens and bring it at par with international standards, Drug manufacturing companies, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Testing Labs, Blood Banks, Medical Equipment manufacturing companies etc would all demand HVAC&R. India Government has sanctioned Rs.15000 Crore Package to Boost Health Infrastructure until March 2024. Out of this 7774 Crore will be released immediately. India with its talent pool will also become a Global Bio-Medical hub for the world. This would open up a huge opportunity for the HVAC&R Industry.

We had been talking about cold chain development in India for some time but it never took off as anticipated. Inadequate cold-chain infrastructure has hampered India’s Cold Chain Industry. In spite of all the challenges the Indian cold chain market reached a value of INR 1,288 Billion in 2019. The market is further projected to reach INR 2,918 Billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14.6% during 2020-2025. The Pandemic may affect the Cold Chain growth, however, we still have chances of this segment of the industry booming and what better time than this when we realise how important it is to build up this segment to be prepared for the unexpected and unpredictable future.

India, a country that has always been considered a good manufacturing base besides its’ infrastructure and bureaucracy, will now become a great alternative. With the disturbing supply chain worldwide because of Corona Virus, the business will shift to the Mighty 5 (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam). India will be surely looked upon as a good manufacturing base. It was always considered so but minus it infrastructure and bureaucracy. But in today’s scenario, with the proactive current Government, international business community may still consider to ignore these few shortcomings and consider India as an investment destination for manufacturing. Japan is offering 215 million to companies planning to shift from China to other countries. The USA was already doing so because of the trade war and with this epidemic, it will be much earlier and faster than anticipated.

With Indian Rupee at its weakest level against the US Dollar, it is time for business in India to look at ‘Make in India’ as best alternate to imports. We have the expertise, knowledge pool and a ready domestic and international market to start manufacturing of all HVAC&R Parts in India and reduce dependence on imports as much as possible. There has to be a beginning and let it be now.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and it is up to us to look at that silver lining. This is the time to re-think, re-strategize, re-organise, re-plan and do things the new way. Why only Government, but Corporates and Private Sector should also follow this line for their business A.C.(After Corona). It is for sure that post-COVID-19 this world of ours is going to be different, but it is in our hands to make sure that it looks different towards a better tomorrow. 

We should constantly re frame our understanding of what’s happening because no one knows what’s happening and what the future has in store. Till things get back to normal, Stay Home and Stay Safe.

From: Vikash Sekhani – Director Sales and Marketing

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed by the writer in this blog is his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Dry All. While the Information contained in this blog has been presented with all due care, However, Dry All do not warrant or represent that the Information is free from errors or omission.

Dry All Innovation Summit, New Delhi 2020


Dry All with its world-class Full Range of HVAC&R products has set up footprint and infrastructure to cater to the needs of the HVAC&R industry across India & worldwide. Driven by young talent and HVAC&R leaders, Dry All has a strong team of professionals offering products & solutions through Innovations since 1990.

Dry All Innovation Summit

Dry All Innovation Summit was held on January 17th, 2020 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi. The objective of this summit was to showcase  current key innovations & solutions offered by Dry All.

Innovation the summit included keynotes, Key Innovations and learning sessions. The day started with one- on- one interaction& walkthrough Dry All product gallery  with key OEMs. 12# exclusive OEMs visited & benefitted from this session.

In the evening the Dry All Innovation Summit was open to the customers from HVAC&R Industry which included  OEMs, Contractors, Wholesalers & Dealers.

At the Green Carpet customers shared their opinions and expectations from Dry All & the Innovation summit.

Deepak Takkar, a Known HVAC&R Professional associated with Dry All  delivered opening remarks at  the Innovation Summit.

This was followed by speakers  from Dry All  that included Sandeep Sekhani (Director, Safe Ref.), Vikash Sekhani (Director- Sales & Marketing, Dry All), Akash Sekhani (Director-Operations, Dry All), Chetan Tavare (Head -Technology & Quality, Dry All), Prabhav Sekhani (Director-Branding, Dry All).  

Ali Jafari from Kaori, Taiwan specially travelled for this summit to talk about Kaori BPHEs and its collaboration with Dry All.

This was followed by a Quiz and Interactive session.  

The Summit Presented attendees with the Safe Group rich Legacy, Dry All’s Full Range of HVAC&R  Line products offerings,  latest Innovations, Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities, Dry All-Kaori Brazed plate heat exchangers and Marketing & Branding Initiatives to reach out to HVAC&R community with its innovative solutions.

Key Innovations & Offerings at the Summit:

•      Filter Driers with TW : Helps detect the leak in HVAC&R system quickly.

•      Oil Separators with Demister Pad: Protecting compressor by providing up to 99% efficiency of Oil Separation.

•      Accumulators with Heat Exchanger: Designed to eliminate the risk related to liquid refrigerants entering the compressor

•      Filter Driers for Zoom Lock fittings: Braze free connections

•      Widest Range Of Heat Exchangers: Coaxial, Shell in Coil, Swimming Pool, Economisers,  Dry All-Kaori BPHE and Dry All-Onda Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

In addition to this, widest range of Filter Driers, Accumulators, Oil Separators, Receivers were showcased at the summit.

After the Summit customers were keen to visit the Dry All Product Gallery. 

Dry All Innovation Summit highlighted the innovations at Dry All and the key role that they would play in protecting an HVAC&R system in the current scenario of new refrigerants being introduced.

Dry All Innovation Summit was a grand success and attended by more than #100 customers.

Take a virtual tour and experience Dry All’s Key Innovation.

Dry All High Performance, High Quality Deep Draw Receivers

Since its inception Dry All has offered best in class products designed and manufactured by their engineers which fulfilled the needs of HVAC&R system. Dry All is the leading brand and a global leader in Liquid Refrigerant Receivers.

Dry All Uniquely designed Deep Draw Liquid Refrigerant Receivers has multiuse in HVAC&R System as below:

  • Storage tank
  • Ensures availability of refrigerants during load fluctuation
  • Ensures only liquid refrigerant flows into TXV

Dry All has set up a design centre of excellence wherein Design Engineers conduct  following stringent  tests to check product Compatibility, Endurance & Reliability.

  • Contamination Test
  • Powder Coating Test
  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Internal Moisture Test
  • Perform Proof Test & Burst Pressure Test

This shows Dry All engineering capability to Design & Manufacture  best in class full range of quality products that helps HVAC&R system.  

Key Differentiators:

  1. Offering widest capacity range: 1 – 46 Litres
  2. Steel body to sustain maximum working pressure of 450 psi (31.03 Bar)
  3. Compatible with all refrigerants: CFC, HCFC, HFC
  4. Compact and universal design for easy installation 
  5. Available with Rotolock Valves: Convenient service  access & ease of service
  6. Fusible Plugs  Option Available that  enhances safety
  7. Powder coated to withstand 500+ hours salt spray test
  8. Internal contamination level is maximum 15 mg/0.1 m²
  9. Only company to offer conventional & custom built receivers

Dry All Deep Draw Receivers are available direct to our OEM customers and through our Wholesalers, Dealers across India & worldwide

For more details please visit our website http://www.dryall.net

Dry All Awarded Coveted Runners Up Trophy At “Refcold India Emerson Awards 2019”

For  Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology in Innovative Refrigeration Product Technology

Dry All is proud to announce that it has been awarded Runners Up Trophy At   REFCOLD INDIA EMERSON AWARDS 2019

The saga of excellence continues with Dry All product ‘Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology’ being awarded as Runners Up in Innovative Refrigeration Products Category by REFCOLD INDIA EMERSON AWARDS 2019.

Dry All introduced world’s first and only Filter Driers with in built Fluorescent Dye. These Filter Driers helps technician to locate exact point of refrigerant leaks – Quickly in any HVAC&R System. This technology has helped HVAC&R OEM’s and contractors to detect the exact source of refrigeration leaks.

TW-Tracer Wafer from Spectroline USA – Small tablets impregnated with fluorescent dye is inserted in the Filter Drier at manufacturing stage. The dye will move out of the system when it will come in contact with compressor oil along with refrigerant. The dye in these Filter Driers will show up at the point of leak. This fluorescent dye can be detected at the point of leak with help of an UV Torch, through yellow glasses. This helps to quickly detect exact point of Leaks in any HVAC&R System. It is cost effective with no special skill set required.

This leak detection technology can be incorporated in the full  range of Filter Driers and is also available for core shell type of filter driers. This innovative technology of leak dection has received tremendous response from customers in India and worldwide. This technology of in-built leak detection for  any HVAC&R System has helped Dry All Stay  ahead in terms of bringing in breakthrough technologies for HVAC&R industry

Key benefits  for Dry All customers to incorporate this innovative technology:

  • Prevents Loss of Refrigerant
  • Prevents premature deterioration of expansive HVAC&R system
  • Most Cost-effective  breakdown service solution
  • Saves Leak Detection Time

Unique Features

  • Quickly finds the exact source of small, multiple & intermittent leaks in HVAC&R system
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance and diagnosis
  • Saves Labour, Money & Downtime
  • Conserves expensive refrigerant and fluids
  • Compatible with all refrigerants

For more information, please reach out to us at info@dryall.net.in

ASMI Inviting Partners for Sheet Metal Parts

Ankit Shiny Mechanical India Private Limited (ASMI) based at Ahmedabad is an ISO 9000-2015 & RoHS compliant manufacturing unit and is an integral part of SAFE Group

It is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes, high quality, cost-effective precision sheet metal components successfully catering to HVAC&R compressor manufacturers, automobile & ball bearing Industry. Since its inception in 2014, it has been a lead supplier partner to ‘Highly’ and won many accolades for high quality & on-time delivery 

ASMI has in house facility for Deep Draw, Embossing, Stamping, Punching, Degreasing, Cleaning, Auto Brazing & Welding. 

To boost process productivity, ASMI has installed a dedicated High-Speed Sheet Metal Line, Automated Brazing, New Technology Cleaning, Projection Welding & Fusion Welding.

As we expand our capacities at ASMI, we are ideally positioned to serve additional Sheet Metal Component requirements from new customers.

We take this opportunity to invite manufacturers from the industry, looking for new component supplier or at outsourcing their sheet metal parts to evaluate ASMI as an option. We will be glad to walk through our facility to interested parties

ASMI has following Quality Benchmarks  :

• Policy of “Customer first”, “Quality First” & “Zero Defects”.

• 48 ppm (5 sigma level) for all components.

• Six sigma level for customers

•  On-Time Delivery, JIT-DI, Plant Target on -PQCDSME,  Customer Target on QCDD, Lean Manufacturing, 5S, 8D Process, Poka Yoka,

•   In House Test laboratories  

Esteemed Customers Being Served On  on JIT Basis:

Highly India Electrical Appliances Company Limited, Gujarat.

Parts: Upper Covers, Lower Covers, Case Blanks & Accumulators for Rotary Compressors.

SKH-YTEC (1ST Tier Vendor to SMGPL), Gujarat.

Parts: Various Sheet Metal Parts for Baleno & Dzire Models for Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited

For any further details, please contact Ms. Sonal – SAFE A&T Technology Private Limited, E-mail: sonal.singh@dryall.net, Cell +91 8181 994 994

Visit our website  www.ankitshiny.com; http://www.dryall.net; http://www.surajairflow.com

Dry All-ONDA Introduced Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in India

Dry All- Manufactuer of Full range of HVAC&R Line Products has partnered with ONDA, the leading company of Heat Exchangers partnered to bring in their best in class Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

Co-branded as Dry All-ONDA, the shell and tube heat exchangers inventories will be readily available with Dry All for customers in Indian Subcontinent.

(In the picture Mr. Alain Bouzat (Right), General Manager -ONDA France, Mr. Chetan Tavare(Left), Head of technology- Dry All and Mr. Akash Sekhani (Left), Director- Dry All )

Mr. Alain Bouzat visited Dry All factory on 02nd Oct 2019. During his visit he further shared detailed information on ONDA Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers technology with Dry All Engineers.

Dry All – ONDA Heat Exchangers are best in a class Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. The Heat Exchangers designed by Italian Engineers and supported by Dry All Engineers in India is ready to cater to the needs of the HVAC&R Industry. These are widest used heat exchanger types in different Industries. They offer the following key benefits to its customers.

Key Benefits

Shell and Tube Evaporator:

1.     Capacity Range: 2.5 TR to 850 TR

2.     Compatible with all current Refrigerants like HFCs, HCFCs

3.     Welded feet

4.     Different raw materials available (Copper, CuNi, SS, Carbon Steel, Titanium)

5.     Carbon steel or plastic baffles

6.     CE Approved

Shell and Tube Condenser:

1.     Capacity Range: 2TR to 2 MW

2.     Compatible with Refrigerants like HFCs, HCFCs

3.     Special coating for headers and tube sheets

4.     Rubber or asbestos-free gaskets

5.     Shell and Tube Condensers can be connected both for tower and city tower

6.     CE Approved

These Heat Exchanger comes in various configurations and types are used in variety of applications.

Key Applications:

1.     Marine Application

2.     HVAC&R

3.     Chillers

4.     Heat Recovery

5.     Pharmaceuticals

6.     Cascade heat Exchanger in Multistage Refrigeration system

Dry All with its 30 years of experience, competent and trained team of engineers will provide all technical support and assistance to customers which include producers and installers in HVAC&R Equipment’s in India.

For more information please contact us on info@dryall.net

Coimbatore: Key Customers Visit & Technical Session

Key Customers visit & Technical session  jointly organized by Dry All  &  SafeRef  held at Hotel Taj Vivanta,  Coimbatore  on 14th September 2019 was an outstanding success

Key Customers Visit

Morning sessions  started with interactive one on one session  with exclusive OEM Customers. We had the pleasure of having Mr Manoharan, Managing Director Gem Equipment Limited , gracing the occasion, amongst the key customers. He showed keen interest in the range of products displayed at product galary and gave some extremely valuable suggestions. Despite being a working day, we had 10# exclusive customers visiting during the Key customers visits session

Technical Session

In evening Dry All and SafeRef have inaugurated “Technical Session” for OEMs, Engineers, Technicians, Traders from HVAC&R fraternity.

Session was opened by Mr. Sudarsanam (Branch Manager, Chennai) followed by  Mr. Deepak Takkar delivering the key note address

Mr. Vikash Sekhani (Director-Sales & Marketing, Dry All)  spoke on  “Dry All: Key Innovative and cutting-edge Technologies”.

There was overwhelming interest from audience on  Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technologies that included Animated video.

Mr. Akash Sekhani (Director- Operations, Dry All)  very passionately covered “Dry All Manufacturing Excellence”.  He spoke  about the best in class technologies used by Dry All to manufacture the world-class products in the state of art manufacturing facility, Dombivali near Mumbai, India. He also  presented  Research & Development capabilities at Dry All.   Mr. Vikash Sekhani continued the session covering Marketing Initiative including  Blogs, Social Media Presence,  Training Sessions, trade shows, etc.

Mr. Sandeep Sekhani (Director, SafeRef) presented Safe Refrigeration  business initiatives, product range and service offerings. His sessions started with  introduction of SafeRef ,  International HVAC&R brands : Harris, HUYAI, tru+  that Saferef is a principal distributor of. Mr. Sandeep Sekhani  presented a range  of solutions including  brazing alloys, Gas Equipment, Compressors backing with world-class technology and support. He used this opportunity to educate  audience on “How to choose Brazing Alloy”, spoke about in-house brand tru+ and  wide range of products under tru+ umbrella & “Commercial Ref Rotary Compressors”. This was followed by  marketing initiatives,  training sessions, blogs and customers accolades that Safe Ref has received over last few years.

“Technical Session”  was concluded by Vote of Thanks by Mr. Ganapathy.

After session customers were keen to visit the showcase area  exhibiting  latest products.

Technical Session was attended by more than  60# Customers.

During September, 2019, Dry All and SafeRef jointly conducted “Road Show & Curtain Raiser” at Hyderabad followed by  “Key Customers Visit & Technical Session ” at Coimbatore. These events received  overwhelming response from customers. We believe this journey has just begun and we have miles to go.

Dry All & SafeRef would jointly like to thank its customer for making these events a grand success.

Road Show & Curtain Raiser at Hyderabad

After series of successful events in India & worldwide, Dry All and SafeRef  jointly conducted “Road Show” & “Curtain Raiser” programs in the historical city of Hyderabad for customers from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The programs were held at Hotel Taj Vivanta, on September 6th, 2019.  

Road Show

The day started with an exclusive one on one interactive “Road Show” with select OEM customers. These customers were specially invited for this road show and an exclusive time slot was reserved for each one of them.

During the interactive session Dry All team demonstrated the key innovative and breakthrough technologies like Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology, Oil Separators with Demister Pad, Centrifugal Oil Separators, Widest Range of Receivers, Receiver, Different types of Heat Exchangers etc.

SafeRef team demonstrated cutting edge technologies including  Harris Gas Equipments & Harris Brazing Alloys ,  Huayi Trucool Compressors and complete range of tru+ goods which includes Axial Fans, Vacuum Pumps, Shaded Pole Motors, etc.

This Road Show was attended by #12 customers

Curtain Raiser

The evening was inaugurated with the event “Curtain Raiser”. This event was designed to offer the latest insights and Innovations from Dry All & SafeRef. After opening address from Mr. Deepak Takkar, the session was kickstarted  by  Mr. Prakkash Sekhani, (Managing Director, SAFE Group). He took the audience through SAFE Groups’ rich legacy and excellence. 

This session was followed up by two more speakers Mr. Vikash Sekhani ( Director,  Dry All) who gave insights on “Dry All”: Key Innovations, Cutting Edge Technologies, Manufacturing Excellence, Global Network & Mr. Sandeep Sekhani (Director, SafeRef) presented “SafeRef”:  Mission & Vision,  Innovative Products offerings, Distribution & Channel Network

Customers showed keen interest at the showcase area of Dry All & SafeRef where the latest products from the respective companies were displayed.

The evening ended with one to one interaction over dinner. “Curtain Raiser” was attended by #70  customers.

Dry All & SafeRef would like to thank everyone for coming to the event and making it a grand success.

The journey has just taken a few more steps. Soon we will come with new events in your city.

Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range Of Suction Line Accumulators (Part II)

In continuation to our earlier message, titled “Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range of Suction Line Accumulators” here comes the newest member of Dry All product Family “Suction Line Heat Exchanger Accumulator”.

Dry All is the leading brand in India to manufacture ‘Accumulators with Heat Exchangers’. These accumulators are uniquely designed to increase the efficiency of HVAC&R system. These Accumulator with Heat Exchangers are recommended to be used when accumulators are positioned outside in low ambient condition or installed in Low Temperature System.

Dry All Suction Line Accumulators with Heat Exchangers (ACCHX):

Dry All Offers Accumulators with Heat Exchanger. These HX Type Accumulators uses latent heat of the condenser to boil off the excess liquid refrigerant that is present in Accumulator outlet tube. This guarantees 100% Vapour refrigerant to the compressor and hence increasing the system efficiency.

Key Applications of ACCHX: 

  • Very low temperature application such as Liquid Cooler, Low-Temperature Display Cabinet, Fruit Storage etc. 
  • For Applications with very Low Superheat is available at Compressor inlet such as Transport Refrigeration. 
  • Flooded Evaporator System 

Dry All Research and Development Laboratory is well equipped with the latest equipment for testing the performance, quality and safety of products manufactured.

Following in-house tests are performed on Accumulators:

  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Pressure Step Down Test
  • Internal Contamination Test
  • Salt Spray Test

Dry All products are designed to offer & intended to deliver reliability, repetitiveness and consistency. We guarantee that our customers have the finest solution for the HVAC&R system at every step forward.