Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency

Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency are hall mark of all manufactured engineering products and this also stands true for components of HVAC&R industry. The achivement of any product to stand on these three strong foundation pillars are a result of good engineering practice, tecnhology and precautions taken during the manufacturing process.
Good Engineering practice leads to reliability. Latest technology leads to value engineering & repetability. Precautions taken ensures consistency. ‘Dry All’ takes care of all these aspects of manufacturing during the stages of Product development, Manufacturing and Quality Control.
We are pleased to share our manufacturing process as detailed below:

Design Capabilities:

  • All products are designed to be used with high pressure refrigerants.
  • Vessels below 6” diameter are designed as per UL 207.
  • Vessel of 8” Dia and above are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div. 1.
  • An experienced design team, helps in customizing the product as per requirement.
  • Designing capability of Poka Yoke fixtures for manufacturing.
  • In-house laboratory to check performance and design validation of products.

Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Poka yoke in fixtures to ensure mistake proofing in process.
  • Oxygen free controlled atmosphere in furnace brazing for copper and steel connections to avoid oxidisation and ROHS compliant brazing resulting in oxidisation free strong joints.
  • MIG welding to ensure strong hermetic joints.
  • Leak testing – First after welding and second after powder coating for leak free products.
  • Shot blasting process to ensure better powder coating using environment friendly methods.
  • Uniform Powder coating can withstand 500 Hrs of salt spray test as per ATM B-117.
  • A highly automized manufacturing process to achieve high quality and high productivity.

Quality Assurance:

  • Incoming inspection: All BOP (Bought Out Parts) are tested as per plan. Incoming inspection procedure is bonded by ‘Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015’.
  • In-Process Quality Control: Separate drawings are created for each station like brazing, welding, assembly and tacking.
  • With Poka Yoke in process and skilled operators no defective material passes through the process.
  • Product validation, Process validation, Safety training, and internal audits are incorporated for quality assurance.
  • “Good Engineering Practices” like the use of calibrated instruments, visual and dimensional inspection, work station SOP, display of process defects like welding and brazing defects, training of operator form time to time ‘Dry All’ achieves quality assurance.
  • After process quality system: All finished goods follow ‘First In First Out’ process. All ‘Dry All’ products are charged with nitrogen positive pressure so that moisture can not enter the component, this helps to keep the component free from oxidization during the brazing process.
  • Product Name Plate has complete details about the product including batch number from which products can be traced with ease. This system can help track specific details about the product including the date of manufacturing, operator name etc.

‘Dry All’ has its own complaint handling procedure to support customers in case of any issue / complaint.

The principal of Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency has helped ‘Dry All’ products to be accepted and used by all leading OEMs and customers across the globe.
Mr. Suraj Sabu
(Application Engineer, Dry All)

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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