Customer Collaboration: Case Study “Bosch Limited”

Exceeding customers expectations on understanding their specific product needs, quality requirement, lead time & customization, has been at the core of Dry All at all the times. We take immense pride in saying that this has been the foremost reason for our success and growth since our inception.
Dry All is leading manufacturer and exporter of HVAC&R Line products since 1990. In addition to off-the-shelf products like Filter Driers, Accumulators, Receivers, Oil Separators, Sight Glass, Ball Valves etc. Dry All has customized and designed products to meet customer specific requirement. These requirements from customers range from smallest packing change to developing a completely new product, not existing in our product range.
The best example of above statement and Dry All ability to communicate with its customers has been winning applications at Bosch.
Bosch approached Dry All to develop liquefier assembly for their refrigerant recovery machine. This Liquefier Assembly has two vessels fitted together with one of the vessels having a shell in shell and heat exchanger assembly coil running through. Dry All engineers initial response was that this product is completely outside the scope of products it served, besides the complexity the Bosch product had.
Bosch, however, was keen on Dry All developing this product and had full confidence in Dry All capabilities in doing it. Next day, Bosch team was at Dry All facility and started micro managing the product development through all stages. In 60 days of persistent efforts, jointly by Bosch and Dry All team, the product was ready. This is one of the best examples of collaborative efforts between Dry All and its key customer on joint product development that is fondly and proudly remembered.

Effectively communicating value proposition has helped Dry All to sell its products across the continents and into most challenging and competitive markets.
Dry All teams ability to communicate and approach new customers helped them to get Large Private labeling accounts with large US multinational companies in India USA & Canada
Dry All has successfully developed OEMs & Wholesale customers in Asia, North America, USA, Europe, Middle-East & Africa, essentially due to understanding country/ customer specific needs, different quality standards specific to each country, cultures and way of doing business.
To site an example, Dry All instruction sheet for brazing joints and flare fittings is available in 12 different languages.
Product catalogs and marketing material have been designed & developed in different vernacular Indian languages and select foreign language.
Soon Dry All website will be available in Spanish, Thai & French languages.
Dry All participates in different HVAC&R trade shows world wide that include AHR in USA, CMPX in Canada, Chillventa in Germany, ACREX in India, BKK HVAC in Thailand, China Refrigeration in China. This helps Dry All to stay in close contact with its current customers and opportunity to meet potential customers across the Globe.
Dry All has very active presence on Social Media and stays connected with its customer on various platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.
In its continuous endeavor to remain in contact with its customers, Dry All, customer can reach us at our customer care number: 1800 123 1884
Dry All website has Live Chat Facility on the website which is attended by qualified engineers during business hours (9:30 AM -6:00 PM) on all working days.
Dry All stays committed to its customers in providing best in class products & services to achieve highest level of customer satisfcation.

-Mr. Vikash Sekhani

(Director, Dry All)

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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