Product & Technical Training Program

Dry All has grown from a humble beginning in 1990 to become India’s most trusted brand by OEM’s and wholesalers in the realm of HVAC&R Industry. “If we are making a skyscraper, we have to first dig deep and make strong foundation”, this is exactly what we did in Dry All. Learning is the foundation for building any big dream and this year we have started with building our Training Campus “Gurukul” at our factory premises in Dombivali. Here we train our stakeholders and young energetic Engineering students on HVAC&R System and Dry All line products.


Planning is essential for a successful event and we succeeded in executing a well-scripted plan for Training our wholesalers and I will take you to the itinerate and the distance we have covered to make this event successful. The comprehensive “Product & Technical Training Program” was organized on November 17th & 18th 2018 with an aim to give in-depth knowledge about our world-class Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products. The training held in “Dry All” Dombivli factory consisted of Lectures and Practical sessions. Two Days Training was divided into sessions as follows:


Session 1: The Company & Products 2018

Session 2: Manufacturing Excellence


Session 3: Product Technology

Session 4: Product Selection

Day 1 session embarked by welcoming our pan India wholesalers with a welcome speech from our Director’s Mr. Vikash Sekhani & Mr. Akash Sekhani. A training course compiled in a comprehensive manual was handed out to all our wholesalers at the beginning of the event.  The training part started with the first two presentation session as mentioned above. This was followed by 2 Hr floor shop visit with our plant manager Mr.Pradeep. He explained the wholesaler about our complete manufacturing process in detail including a visit to our R&D Laboratory. This was followed by a photo session. After successfully executing the sessions we moved for Dinner with our Pan India wholesalers at “Global Fusion” in Mumbai.

The main agenda of the Day 2 session was to make our wholesalers aware of our Product Technology and train them product selection. After having a sound lunch, we had circulated a course evaluation sheet in order to check the success of our “Product & Technical Training Program”. With no exception, everyone was satisfied and understood the training course we had locomoted.

The training course has benefited our wholesalers and now they can share this knowledge with their stakeholders.

At the end of the course, all participants received “Participation Certificate” for successfully completing the course along with giveaways as a token of gratitude.

A session was officially ended by Vote of Thanks given by Mr. Chetan, Head -Technology, Dry All.

We would like to thank our pan India wholesalers for participating and making this event a grand success. We are committed to providing such more Training Sessions to our stakeholders in near future.

Thank You!

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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