“Best PPEP” Award From Schneider Electric

‘Dry All’ has been awarded BEST PPEP award for quality from Schneider Electric at the “Vendor Meet 2018”.

PPEP is a tool designed by Schneider Electric to conform to their stringent Global quality standards. ‘Dry All’ has always exceeded stringent process controls & world class quality standards and this helped us to meet their PPEP standards. The cornerstone of this successful business relationship with Schneider started in the year 2014-15 with Team Schneider Electric approaching ‘Dry All’ to give Solution for one technical glitch arising in their Data-Centric Machines. Team ‘Dry All’ in collaboration with one of the eminent compressor manufacturer identified that the system was lacking an Oil Separator. To resolve this problem the technical team from ‘Dry All’ suggested a retrofitting solution to Schneider Electric by providing them a correct size Oil Separator suitable for the particular machine and application. The success of this project acted like a big confidence booster in ‘Dry All’ business relationship with Schneider Electric.

In May 2016, ‘Dry All’  received an inquiry from Schneider Electric for their new project of Data Centric Machines. Team ‘Dry All’ was invited to give a presentation to Schneider Electric Team in China. Team ‘Dry All’ specifically flew to Shanghai for this presentation. Before this presentation, Team Schneider was under impression that ‘Dry All’ manufactures only Oil Separators. ‘Dry All’ took this opportunity to let team Schnider know that it is not just Oil Separator but ‘Dry All’ manufactures world class ‘Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products’.

This visit by team ‘Dry All’ was followed by an audit by team Schneider at our manufacturing facility at Dombivali MIDC and they were impressed with the Engineering & Manufacturing capabilities of ‘Dry All’.
A sample consignment was shipped to Schneider Electric – China and this was processed and approved by them in 2016. Now getting a UL certification for ‘Dry All’ Oil Separator was the final milestone required to become an accredited supplier to Schneider Electric. After Stringent testing under the aegis of UL in accordance with UL207 Standards, ‘Dry All’ received  UL certificate in May 2017 (File No. SA44851).
Our efforts were concluded with receipt of a first purchase order from Schnieder Electric – India on November, 23rd 2018. Our journey has proved and I quote “Success path rarely travels a straight line”.

‘Dry All’ product quality and service was appreciated by Schneider Electric in October 2018 by awarding us “Best PPEP Award” in presence of their approximately 21 vendors. Today ‘Dry All’ has a yearly business of Rupee 4 Million with Schneider Electric. With time and trust, this business relationship with Schneider is amplifying.
Big Thank You to Team Schneider Electric for this Recognition!

Sumit Tripathi
Engineer – Marketing

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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