Dry All International Technical Seminar

TODAY “Dry All” has established a global presence because of its world-class product quality. To bestow first-hand in-depth knowledge of its world-class Full Range Of HVAC&R Line Products, “Dry All” has orchestrated series of “Technical Seminars” in India and overseas. In November 2017 Team “Dry All” has commenced with its first “International Technical Seminar”. The bedrock principle of our International Technical Seminar is the knowledge we entrust to our customers about our Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products.

On 28th November 2018, Dry All in collaboration with our Business Partner “Beijer B.Grimm” conducted its first “International Technical Seminar”  at “Maple Hotel”, Bangkok. The session was kicked off by Mr. Nirun (Director, Beijer B.Grimm ). He gave a detailed presentation about their Company Beijer B. Grimm. This was followed by Dry All Company Presentation, Manufacturing Excellence, Product Technology by Mr. Vikash Sekhani, Mr. Akash Sekhani and Sumit Tripathi respectively. These sessions were followed by Dinner. 

During the seminar, Dry All also demonstrated its new solution “Filter Driers with Tracer Wafer” for HVAC&R systems. Dry All deciphered the technology behind its products as it firmly believes in creating awareness and diffusing the knowledge on Full Range Of HVAC&R line products. Customers’ response was truly ecstatic.

This Technical Seminar was attended by 74# customers.

Sustainability of Dry All brand building is vital for Dry All to enhance our global presence. Its endeavour to give solutions to customers has been well appreciated by customers worldwide. It gives us enough motivation to conduct such knowledge sessions in other parts of the world    

Dry All ’s first successful Technical Seminar at the Global Platform is a small step towards its vision. Thanks to “Beijer B.GRIMM” for their support and encouragement to make this programme a huge success.

Thank You!

Sumit Tripathi

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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