Dry All Reaches Out To Resellers

Dry All is recognizing and fulfilling the need of HVAC&R Line Components for global customers since 1990. With the advancement of technology, the expectation of customers requirement for service levels has increased multifold.
To deliver best in class experience, Dry All in 2018-19 started initiatives to strengthen Pan India wholesaler business network. We have appointment 10# Wholesalers and are now gearing up to strengthen them and their reseller network. With this Initiative, we have started displaying and creating awareness about the availability of a world-class full range of HVAC&R line products. Empowering our Business channel partners and educating our customers through our Display Materials is the prime objective of Dry All.

The market for HVAC&R is expected to exceed a value of over $6.3 Billion in India by 2020. This will boost the demand in the realm of HVAC&R due to the development of smart cities, improvement in Infrastructure, and change in the Climatic conditions. The growth in the market is tantamount to expand the aftersales market which covers medium and small OEM and also the after sales market. Infrastructure investments in Tier 2 & 3 will further boost the resellers economy.
Here we have already established our footprints to fulfill the need of our customers. We are continually working on the development and design of the following new products 

  • Filter Driers with Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye
  • Oil Separator with Demister Pad
  • Coaxial Heat Exchangers 
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers( BPHEs)

We have expertise in customizing the Line Products Like Filter Driers, Oil Separators, Accumulators, Receivers, etc. We are committed to providing the following services to our customer

  • High-Quality Products
  • On-time Delivery
  • Education on HVAC&R Line Products
  • Widest Range of Line Products

Our technical capabilities and increasing market opportunities will help us to organize the business network and will help our customer experience best customer service.

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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