Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range Of Suction Line Accumulators

Innovative product ‘Development, Design and Engineering’ of HVAC&R Line products have always been the hallmark of Dry All success. With the Introduction of new refrigerants, it is utmost important to design the system components that offer superior quality, Performance and sustainability to the HVAC&R systems. Compressors the heart of HVAC&R systems is designed to compress the vapor refrigerant. It is paramount to protect this from sudden surges of Liquid refrigerant and oil that can create extreme stress on the compressor. Here lies Dry All Suction Line Accumulators’ critical role.

Dry All Suction Line Accumulator (ACC):

Introducing a new and currently the largest size 3-1/8” Suction Line Accumulator in Dry All product range. Accumulators are designed to avoid liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor and to ensure that refrigerant is transferred to the compressor only in vapour form. Accumulator has to be fitted before and as close as possible to the compressor.

For over than two decades, Dry All Accumulators have earned the trust of many prominent OEMs, contractors & installers and has been a lifesaver for the compressors.

Unique Construction Design

  • Flared Outlet U Tube: Ensures Easy Flow of Refrigerant Back to Compressor.
  • Optimum U Bend Diameter: Ensures minimum Pressure Drop.
  • Flexibility of Mounting Either by Flange or Bolt

Safety and Certification:

Accumulators are designed keeping in mind the MWP requirements based on the system design. Dry All has Designed accumulators that can sustain the MWP pressure up to 450PSIG keeping in mind all the new high-pressure refrigerants. Dry All’s latest complete range of Accumulators are UL Certified. UL is the Global Safety Certification. This assures Accumulators can withstand pressures of Five Times the MWP.

Dry All continues to produce accumulators that provide years of trouble-free results

Stay Tuned to Know more about our widest Range of Accumulators!

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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