Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range Of Suction Line Accumulators (Part II)

In continuation to our earlier message, titled “Dry All’s Innovative & Widest Range of Suction Line Accumulators” here comes the newest member of Dry All product Family “Suction Line Heat Exchanger Accumulator”.

Dry All is the leading brand in India to manufacture ‘Accumulators with Heat Exchangers’. These accumulators are uniquely designed to increase the efficiency of HVAC&R system. These Accumulator with Heat Exchangers are recommended to be used when accumulators are positioned outside in low ambient condition or installed in Low Temperature System.

Dry All Suction Line Accumulators with Heat Exchangers (ACCHX):

Dry All Offers Accumulators with Heat Exchanger. These HX Type Accumulators uses latent heat of the condenser to boil off the excess liquid refrigerant that is present in Accumulator outlet tube. This guarantees 100% Vapour refrigerant to the compressor and hence increasing the system efficiency.

Key Applications of ACCHX: 

  • Very low temperature application such as Liquid Cooler, Low-Temperature Display Cabinet, Fruit Storage etc. 
  • For Applications with very Low Superheat is available at Compressor inlet such as Transport Refrigeration. 
  • Flooded Evaporator System 

Dry All Research and Development Laboratory is well equipped with the latest equipment for testing the performance, quality and safety of products manufactured.

Following in-house tests are performed on Accumulators:

  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Pressure Step Down Test
  • Internal Contamination Test
  • Salt Spray Test

Dry All products are designed to offer & intended to deliver reliability, repetitiveness and consistency. We guarantee that our customers have the finest solution for the HVAC&R system at every step forward. 

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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