Dry All-ONDA Introduced Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in India

Dry All- Manufactuer of Full range of HVAC&R Line Products has partnered with ONDA, the leading company of Heat Exchangers partnered to bring in their best in class Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

Co-branded as Dry All-ONDA, the shell and tube heat exchangers inventories will be readily available with Dry All for customers in Indian Subcontinent.

(In the picture Mr. Alain Bouzat (Right), General Manager -ONDA France, Mr. Chetan Tavare(Left), Head of technology- Dry All and Mr. Akash Sekhani (Left), Director- Dry All )

Mr. Alain Bouzat visited Dry All factory on 02nd Oct 2019. During his visit he further shared detailed information on ONDA Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers technology with Dry All Engineers.

Dry All – ONDA Heat Exchangers are best in a class Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. The Heat Exchangers designed by Italian Engineers and supported by Dry All Engineers in India is ready to cater to the needs of the HVAC&R Industry. These are widest used heat exchanger types in different Industries. They offer the following key benefits to its customers.

Key Benefits

Shell and Tube Evaporator:

1.     Capacity Range: 2.5 TR to 850 TR

2.     Compatible with all current Refrigerants like HFCs, HCFCs

3.     Welded feet

4.     Different raw materials available (Copper, CuNi, SS, Carbon Steel, Titanium)

5.     Carbon steel or plastic baffles

6.     CE Approved

Shell and Tube Condenser:

1.     Capacity Range: 2TR to 2 MW

2.     Compatible with Refrigerants like HFCs, HCFCs

3.     Special coating for headers and tube sheets

4.     Rubber or asbestos-free gaskets

5.     Shell and Tube Condensers can be connected both for tower and city tower

6.     CE Approved

These Heat Exchanger comes in various configurations and types are used in variety of applications.

Key Applications:

1.     Marine Application

2.     HVAC&R

3.     Chillers

4.     Heat Recovery

5.     Pharmaceuticals

6.     Cascade heat Exchanger in Multistage Refrigeration system

Dry All with its 30 years of experience, competent and trained team of engineers will provide all technical support and assistance to customers which include producers and installers in HVAC&R Equipment’s in India.

For more information please contact us on info@dryall.net

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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