Dry All Awarded Coveted Runners Up Trophy At “Refcold India Emerson Awards 2019”

For  Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology in Innovative Refrigeration Product Technology

Dry All is proud to announce that it has been awarded Runners Up Trophy At   REFCOLD INDIA EMERSON AWARDS 2019

The saga of excellence continues with Dry All product ‘Filter Drier with Leak Detection Technology’ being awarded as Runners Up in Innovative Refrigeration Products Category by REFCOLD INDIA EMERSON AWARDS 2019.

Dry All introduced world’s first and only Filter Driers with in built Fluorescent Dye. These Filter Driers helps technician to locate exact point of refrigerant leaks – Quickly in any HVAC&R System. This technology has helped HVAC&R OEM’s and contractors to detect the exact source of refrigeration leaks.

TW-Tracer Wafer from Spectroline USA – Small tablets impregnated with fluorescent dye is inserted in the Filter Drier at manufacturing stage. The dye will move out of the system when it will come in contact with compressor oil along with refrigerant. The dye in these Filter Driers will show up at the point of leak. This fluorescent dye can be detected at the point of leak with help of an UV Torch, through yellow glasses. This helps to quickly detect exact point of Leaks in any HVAC&R System. It is cost effective with no special skill set required.

This leak detection technology can be incorporated in the full  range of Filter Driers and is also available for core shell type of filter driers. This innovative technology of leak dection has received tremendous response from customers in India and worldwide. This technology of in-built leak detection for  any HVAC&R System has helped Dry All Stay  ahead in terms of bringing in breakthrough technologies for HVAC&R industry

Key benefits  for Dry All customers to incorporate this innovative technology:

  • Prevents Loss of Refrigerant
  • Prevents premature deterioration of expansive HVAC&R system
  • Most Cost-effective  breakdown service solution
  • Saves Leak Detection Time

Unique Features

  • Quickly finds the exact source of small, multiple & intermittent leaks in HVAC&R system
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance and diagnosis
  • Saves Labour, Money & Downtime
  • Conserves expensive refrigerant and fluids
  • Compatible with all refrigerants

For more information, please reach out to us at info@dryall.net.in

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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