Dry All Innovation Summit, New Delhi 2020


Dry All with its world-class Full Range of HVAC&R products has set up footprint and infrastructure to cater to the needs of the HVAC&R industry across India & worldwide. Driven by young talent and HVAC&R leaders, Dry All has a strong team of professionals offering products & solutions through Innovations since 1990.

Dry All Innovation Summit

Dry All Innovation Summit was held on January 17th, 2020 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi. The objective of this summit was to showcase  current key innovations & solutions offered by Dry All.

Innovation the summit included keynotes, Key Innovations and learning sessions. The day started with one- on- one interaction& walkthrough Dry All product gallery  with key OEMs. 12# exclusive OEMs visited & benefitted from this session.

In the evening the Dry All Innovation Summit was open to the customers from HVAC&R Industry which included  OEMs, Contractors, Wholesalers & Dealers.

At the Green Carpet customers shared their opinions and expectations from Dry All & the Innovation summit.

Deepak Takkar, a Known HVAC&R Professional associated with Dry All  delivered opening remarks at  the Innovation Summit.

This was followed by speakers  from Dry All  that included Sandeep Sekhani (Director, Safe Ref.), Vikash Sekhani (Director- Sales & Marketing, Dry All), Akash Sekhani (Director-Operations, Dry All), Chetan Tavare (Head -Technology & Quality, Dry All), Prabhav Sekhani (Director-Branding, Dry All).  

Ali Jafari from Kaori, Taiwan specially travelled for this summit to talk about Kaori BPHEs and its collaboration with Dry All.

This was followed by a Quiz and Interactive session.  

The Summit Presented attendees with the Safe Group rich Legacy, Dry All’s Full Range of HVAC&R  Line products offerings,  latest Innovations, Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities, Dry All-Kaori Brazed plate heat exchangers and Marketing & Branding Initiatives to reach out to HVAC&R community with its innovative solutions.

Key Innovations & Offerings at the Summit:

•      Filter Driers with TW : Helps detect the leak in HVAC&R system quickly.

•      Oil Separators with Demister Pad: Protecting compressor by providing up to 99% efficiency of Oil Separation.

•      Accumulators with Heat Exchanger: Designed to eliminate the risk related to liquid refrigerants entering the compressor

•      Filter Driers for Zoom Lock fittings: Braze free connections

•      Widest Range Of Heat Exchangers: Coaxial, Shell in Coil, Swimming Pool, Economisers,  Dry All-Kaori BPHE and Dry All-Onda Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

In addition to this, widest range of Filter Driers, Accumulators, Oil Separators, Receivers were showcased at the summit.

After the Summit customers were keen to visit the Dry All Product Gallery. 

Dry All Innovation Summit highlighted the innovations at Dry All and the key role that they would play in protecting an HVAC&R system in the current scenario of new refrigerants being introduced.

Dry All Innovation Summit was a grand success and attended by more than #100 customers.

Take a virtual tour and experience Dry All’s Key Innovation.

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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