‘Dry All’ Liquid Refrigerant Receivers are now UL Certified

From the experts in HVAC&R Line Product Technology


Dry All is the leading manufacturer of Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products. Dry All is constantly innovating, developing and designing products to meet the requirements of the industry. Since its inception, Dry All stakeholders including the owners, design and R&D team have always emphasized on producing the latest technology products at competitive prices.

A liquid Refrigerant Receiver is a pressure vessel designed to hold liquid refrigerant in a refrigeration system. It collects the condensed liquid refrigerant leaving from the condenser outlet and feeds it in liquid form to the liquid line of the refrigeration system. Dry All offers widest range of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers.  

Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers

Liquid Line Receiver’s internal volume allows it to store liquid refrigerant and hence allow the refrigeration system to respond to varying heat loads by varying the refrigerant flow rate. For this a thermostatic expansion valve is used in combination with a receiver. It also ensures that only liquid refrigerant is fed to the liquid line of the refrigeration system.

If sized correctly, the liquid refrigerant receiver can also be used for pump down repair of the refrigeration system, storing the liquid refrigerant in the receiver provided. Provision of liquid refrigerant receivers is always desired to allow a system to be serviced or repaired with ease and without losing the refrigerant.

Considering growing demand of receivers with the growth of HVAC&R market, Dry All has introduced 4 type of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers:

1.      LRRH Series – These 3-piece, 2 weld design receivers are Horizontal Receivers designed for air-conditioning and refrigeration units that are designed horizontally.

2.      LRRV Series – These 3-piece, 2 weld design receivers are Vertical Receivers designed for refrigeration units that are designed vertically.

3.      LRRVD Series – These 2-piece, 1 weld design receivers are Vertical Receivers designed for refrigeration units that are designed vertically.

4.      Customized model – These are receivers designed specifically as per customer’s designs along with input from Dry All design team.

In terms of features and design, Dry All products are always ranked highest in the category.

Some Key features of Dry All receivers are:

  • Offering Widest Range of Liquid Refrigerant Receivers: Horizontal, Vertical & Deep Draw Type
  • Widest Capacity Range: 1 Liter to 60 Liters.
  • The inlet and outlet connections are either of the two: Copper for brazing or Steel ORFS Male thread for Roto-Lock valves.
    • Advanced Options:
    • RotoLock Valves: Convenient service access & Ease of service
    • Fusible Plug: Enhances the Safety
  • Receivers up-to 6″ Diameter are UL Certified
  • Dry All Receivers internal cleanliness & dryness is as per DIN standard 8964 making it compatible with relevant new refrigerants &lubricants
  • Dry All Receivers are powder coated with corrosion resistant paint to withstand 500+ Hours of salt spray paint.

Dry All Liquid Refrigerant receiver’s technical specifications:

  •  Maximum working pressure = 450 psig (31.02 bar) & 600 psig (41.37 bar)
  • Design temperature =  -10°C to 110°C (14°F to 230°F)
  • Compatible with HFC’s and HCFC’s and their associated oils.
  • Designed to achieve maximum refrigerant flow rate with minimum pressure drop.
  • Receivers with NPT connection are available on request.
  • Receivers with sight glass are available on request.


As per ARI standard 495, storage capacity of the receiver is based on 80 percent of its internal volume of any specified refrigerant assuming the saturated liquid refrigerant density at temperature of 32oC (89.6oF). A receiver is primarily selected to hold 90 percent of the total system charge to provide adequate reservoir during high loads and to allow the refrigerant to be isolated between the condenser and the receiver during pump down of the system. Generally other parameters which include maximum working pressure, refrigerant compatibility, etc. are also considered while selecting the receiver.

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Dry All Liquid Refrigerant Receivers are available direct to our OEM customers and through our Wholesalers, Dealers across India & worldwide

For more details please visit our website http://www.dryall.net  

You can also contact us on info@dryall.net


The content in this presentation has been prepared by Dry All and is general information about HVAC&R line products. This information is given in summary form and does not purport to be complete. The information provided is for education purpose only. Before acting on any information you should consult or take the advice of Dry All Engineers. 

Author: Dry All

Manufacturer of "Full Range of HVAC&R Line Products"

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