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Moisture and contamination are an inherent problem of a HVAC&R system and one of the biggest challenges that any technician faces during installation and servicing of the units.

While most of these problems in liquid line and discharge line are taken care of by the ‘Liquid Line Filter Drier’, some moisture and contamination can remain unchecked in condenser and suction line and can pass into  the compressor – the heart of the system.

Protection may be required to field build contamination during installation where cutting or brazing of lines was done.

Additional protection will also be required for system clean-up after a burnout or when major work has been performed on the system.

System may also face problem of fluorinated refrigerant after a compressor motor burn out.


To take care of all these issues, one needs to install a Filter on to the Suction Line to catch on the contamination and moisture. The choices available are:

  1. Dry All DCHSF Series – Suction Line Filter Drier (With Solid Core Desiccant)
  2. Dry All DSF Series – Suction Line Filter (With Filter)

In this article we will primarily talk about the Suction Line Filter which is one of the effective solutions to take care of these problems.

Making a Choice

Normally a Liquid Line Filter Drier can take care of the contamination and moisture in the system. An additional precaution by way of installing a Filter Drier on suction line would always help. The pressure in suction line is already low. Installation of a Filter Drier will take care of contamination and moisture but this may result in further pressure drop in the suction line.

The alternate and the best solution to the same is a Suction Line Filter Drier. Yes, a Suction Line Filter and NOT Suction Line Filter Drier.

Dry All DSF Suction Line Filterseries is used in the suction line of a HVAC&R System, for the purpose of removing and retaining solid contaminants from the refrigerant with lowest pressure drop.

The filter media used in Dry All Suction Line Filters makes a High Full Flow Design which provides large filtration area with in-depth cleaning but with lowest pressure drop. Inserted Micro Glass Filter Paper and Plated Steel Frame insures lubricant compatibility.  The flow velocity of the Suction Filter does not act as Oil Trap and hence proper oil return is obtained.

Schrader Valves are provided on both the inlet and outlet of the Suction Filter. This is to permit pressure drop readings during clean-up. The inlet schrader valve can also be used for charging of refrigerant to take care of contaminants in the refrigerant if any.

Construction of ‘Suction Line Filter’.

Dry All Suction Line Filter looks like any other Filter Drier. The difference is the internal construction. The general filtration media and desiccant is replaced with a specially designed pleated filter in a plated steel case.

The pleated filter assembly is made of Inserted ‘Micro Glass Filter Paper’ and placed in specially designed ‘Plated Steel Frame’ to support the paper. The dirt is imbedded in the fibres of the element. If additional dirt enters the Suction Filter, it will be caught in the dead pocket of the element by the change in direction of the refrigerant flow.

Major Application

1.VRV / VRF Air conditioning Units
2.Large Air-condition or Cooling Systems
3.Transport Refrigeration
4.Bus Air conditioning

Models Available

Currently Dry All Suction Filters are available in 16, 41 & 75 Series.Connections available are 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1-1/8”, 1-3/8”, 1-5/8”.

For Larger Capacity Systems:

Where the DSF Series of Suction Filter are small in capacity, we recommend the use of Dry All DRC Series of Core Shell – Replaceable Drier Shell and Dry All Replaceable Core DA-48 / DC-48 / DB-48 & Filters DPE-48BD as required.

The pressure drop through the temporarily installed cores will be higher as compared to the filter. After clean-up, the use of filter elements will assure a minimum pressure drop when the system is in normal operation.

Following steps can be followed:

  1. Clean all solid contaminants with Dry All DSS-48. After clean up, remove and store for future use.
  2. Replace with solid core Dry All DA-48 / DC-48 / DB-48 which will take care of all contamination, moisture and burnout issues.
  3. In-case of pressure drop issue with solid core, replace with Dry All DPE48BD for continued protection with minimum pressure drop.

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Dry All Suction Line Filters are available direct to our OEM customers and through our Wholesalers, Dealers across India & worldwide

For more details please visit our website http://www.dryall.net 

You can also contact us on info@dryall.net


The content in this presentation has been prepared by Dry All and is general information about HVAC&R line products. This information is given in summary form and does not purport to be complete. The information provided is for education purpose only. Before acting on any information you should consult or take the advice of Dry All Engineers. 

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